Saturday, December 11, 2010


Ellie has been interested in feeding herself lately.  It is apart of her growing cognitive function :-) and what I like to term "toddlertude" or "bearitude".  She no longer wants me to help her with her spoon.  She must do it herself.  She wants to dunk it into the bowl.  This is typically unsuccessful and messy.  She wants to grab the bowl and dump it over her head. Also messy.  She wants to run her grimy fingers through her hair.  Did I mention messy? Oh wait, got off the topic. 

Anyway, I thought it would be fun (whatever was I thinking?) to introduce a fork.  I went out and got a little toddler spoon-fork set.  They have the shorter handles which I think are easier for her to manipulate.  Toddler forks are actually more like sporks, which I guess is supposed to reassure us parents that our will not poke their eyes out. 

Ellie is not quite sure what to make of this object.  Is it for banging?  Yes, it must be for banging.

Perhaps it is for teething.  She does enjoy gnawing on it to soothe her gums that have 6+ teeth trying to poke their way through.

Oh, she gets it!  I loaded the fork for her a few times and she did pretty good.  She even tried to put the food onto the fork herself! I should probably mention that she removed the food (banana, peas, and avocado) off of the prongs.  She ate the food using her fingers and then put the fork into her mouth.

Learning a new skill is really hard work.  

I am starting to notice a theme. . .


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