Sunday, December 5, 2010

Rat-A-Tat-Tot Ink Dot

The Down Syndrome Association of Central Texas [DSACT] offers a monthly playgroup for children ages 0-5 years with DS and their siblings.  For one reason or another, we have never been able to attend Ink Dots until yesterday.  The expressions on Ellie's face say it all.

Can you spy Ellie?

Shake Baby Shake

Rat-A-Tat-Tots, a local Austin business, provided a free class to the youngsters.  Many of whom had a fabulous time with "creative movement" and exploring rhythm through music.  Of course being a December Ink Dot, the music was mostly festive such as Jingle Bells and the Dreidel Song.

Jingle Bear

Using the parachute to the Dreidel Song

Ellie was a little young for the crafts and cookie decorating, but I made a nice Christmas tree out of those foam stickers and stuck it onto her wall just above the dresser.  It has made changing her diaper much easier as the glittery foam snowflakes and ornaments distract her.

Gypsy Bear.  Look, she is even showing off her Buddha bellie

Looks like I need to get her a scarf

As you can see, Andrew used the camera.  I said he was the one who wanted it!  We tried a different lens this go around and as you can see, we are still getting used to it.

See the girl with the striped leggings?  Ellie kept trying to grab her pants.
Let's all take a moment to groove to the music in our own creative ways.  Happy Holidays!

Tired Bear


  1. Is that a gingerbread house outfit? How SWEET!

  2. Oh I just noticed, Ellie's golden hair bow resembles a gift box bow. Very creative Anna! :)

  3. Grandpa Bruns says that maybe Ellie inherited the music gene!


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