Thursday, July 28, 2011

Forget Me Not Fridays: Give Aways!


This is my daughter Ellie.  She is a beautiful, spunky little girl who loves to get into mischief.  She also has Down syndrome.  Had she been born in E.E., the doctors would have tried their hardest to convince us that she is better of in an orphanage.  That she belongs there because she is not worthy.  Eventually, come age of 4 or 5, she she would be sent to live in an institution where she would live out her days tied to a crib and possibly drugged.  All children are worthy of life whether they have 46 or 47 chromosomes.  The children featured in today's post are living our their lives in orphanages or institutions.  They have forever families who love them so and they are actively fundraising to bring them home. . . to rescue them.   

Above is Terri Lynn.  Sweet little angel was recently transferred to an institution.  The photo on the left is Terri Lynn in the orphanage.  On the right, the little lovie appears drugged and bruised.  On the right, the photo was taken just 3 weeks after being in the institution.

Let's help these precious children.


All Life Is Precious necklace from Ollie Faith Designs

Help the Shpak Family raise funds to bring home Shannon!  They are currently give away an "All Life Is Precious" necklace until August 15th.  Their blog has the details.


Here is little miss Paisley.  The Tam family is holding a huge Give Away including an iPad2, a Nikon SLR camera, jewelry, and gift cards.  Please read the details on their blog.

Sample: You will get to choose your doll

This is little Phoebe + sister for the Smith Family.  They are currently conducting an American Girl Give Away here.

I know that many of you might remember Olga from the original Pure Love Give Away back in February.   The Abell family is still actively working to bring her home.  They are featuring hand-crafted items for their current Give Away.  Details are on their blog.


This is Liam for the Lucus Family.  Follow their journey here.

This is Albina.  They too are actively fundraising.  Follow their journey here.


This is Donna (Autumn).  Here family is actively collecting funds through their adoption store and with a puzzle fundraising.  This blog is beautifully written by future sister Ashley.  She is 19 yo and writes beautifully.  Read here.

These little girls are Shawna and Lindsay for the Eubanks family.  This family lives near me!  Read all about their journey here.

Follow the Moreno Family's journey here as they work hard to bring little Julianna home.

I know that money is tight. Believe me, I know.  Consider collecting your loose change or giving up that morning latte.  Every little bit counts.  It adds up.  Just think if all of my followers gave up their lattes for a week!  Even if you cannot give, there are other ways to help--repost my blog so that more people can learn about the plight of these orphans, become a prayer warrior through Reece's Rainbow, and pray.

Orphans who need homes:


The Daughter of my Heart!

Finally, Orphans No More.   Updates on families.

Lucy (Melanie) with the Sader Family.

Joshua (Cliff) with the Warner Family.  Thank you to all who donated and prayed for this family this past week.  They are coming home!!!!  All of them :)

Victoria & Francesca with the Ferrone Family.


Kirill with the Davis Family.



  1. Thank you SO much for including us in here, Anna! <3

  2. Thank you for giving ways to help. I read this and cry because it feels so overwhelming. There are so many babies that deserve a mamas love. Praying for all of them.


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