Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Answer: Hornet Patrol

To Miss Tiffany--you get the virtual cyber cookie for guessing bee suit :)

We have/had a hornet problem.  Every year, these vicious little buggers infiltrate our backyard making it impossible for us to go out back.  Every. Single. Year.


Looks kind of like a bee, right?  Yep, I thought the same thing my 2nd summer in Austin.
Honey Bee-dies after sting

We were working on our media room and did not have light-switch plate covers on yet.  I kept finding what I thought were dead bees in that area of the house.  Then, three live ones hovering by the ceiling fan lights.  One pesky (evil) little creature got itself caught between my eyebrow and my glasses.  It stung.  And stung. And stung.  And stung.  And I screamed.

Yes, they sting MULTIPLE times, unlike bees who only sting once.  I have since learned two things:

1. Hornets are a part of the wasp family, the genus Vespa  to be exact
2. I am very allergic to hornets and must thus walk around with an epi-pen = potential death due to hornet sting

That brings me to this---I am DEATHLY AFRAID of these vile insects.

See, look at the evil look it is giving us!

Apparently, these hornets decided to make a little home in well, our home.  There was a small hole in the mortar between the limestone exterior of our house.  They were getting into our house through the light switch.  We also had a rather large nest in the ground out back. 

Hornets often make their nests in the ground, but we have some unique ones.  Last year, they preferred the wind chimes and the patio light.  This year-the rafters of the garage.

Hornet Nest, courtesy of Wikipedia--seriously, I am not getting that close to a nest

Have I mentioned that they are evil?

Have I mentioned that they take over our backyard throughout the summer?  Every summer?

Do I need to tell you that it gets a bit pricey to hire someone to come on out each time?

Baby Drews is Mr. DIY.  He takes care of the wasp nests that spring up all around the house.

These cans spray far.  Really far.  He can stand around the corner of the house and spray the wasp nests.

Paper Wasp

Hornets, they are feisty and we needed a cheap, but safe solution as multiple stings from several hornets (ie a hornet attack from a nest) can lead to death--too much toxin.  I love Andrew, I do not want him to die.

Introducing, the bee suit.

Andrew goofing off--his "baseball" pose

Still goofing off--"football" pose

This had to be timed just right.  The hornets are in their nest at a certain time.

Guess who had to help suit him up?

the glare is created by the window--I was shooting pics from the inside of the house.
Need I mention that I was getting really grossed out and nauseous just posting the pics of those wasps?  Need I also mention that they are actually an important part of our ecosystem?  Nope, I do not feel sorry for them.
Yes, I used wikipedia, which I know is not the most accurate source of information :)


  1. Ick!!! I hope you get rid of them all. We've had some small wasp nests around the house, and sprayed and got rid of them, but nobody is allergic. Allergies aren't anything to mess around with!

  2. no way! while you were doing this, i unearthed a wasps nest in the attic, whilst sorting stuff for the carboot for francine!!! it cost £150 to sort it!! i tooo hate the icky nasty things. every year...oh well come and live next door to me then, its nice here and you have the suit we could share it! :) xx

  3. Andrew looks mighty cute in that bee-keeper suit...just sayin'!!!! Go Andrew!!!!!

  4. Best time to get them is in the early morning, when it is still cooler, just before sunup. They will all be on the nest, less active and you can get most of the little buggers in one attempt. Get more bang for your buck. During the day, many will be out working and foraging and you will only get a small part of that group.

  5. Too funny in a not-so-funny way! Not cool.


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