Friday, July 1, 2011

The Happy Spitter and The Vet

I love Ellie.

I love my kitty Amelie.

Four clothing changes in 3 hours.  One clothing change for me.  

I do not love laundry.

I do not love the going to the vet, although I like our veterinarian.

I love Ellie snuggles and babbling.

I do not love my cat trying to escape and cross hwy 620.

I love kitty kisses and happy meowing conversations.

I have given up and she will just be shirtless for now.

I used to love Pepcid and low-dose erythromycin.

Now she can spit up on Andrew's keyboard.
I do not love reflux or spit up.

Doesn't her mouth look beautiful?  Pretty after pulling 25+ teeth one year ago.

I do not love feline gingival stomatitis.

I thought you would appreciate the random Ellie pic :)

Going to the vet with an active toddler spitting up, requiring multiple clothing changes in a stroller all while carrying a diaper bag and a cat carrier with a scared, pitifully crying kitty-boo is not my idea of a good day.  Being covered in kitty hair and curdled milk and smelling horrendously (I feel oh so sexy) is also not my idea of a good day.  I thought we were so past this (the reflux, not the vet). Perhaps tomorrow will be better.  Perhaps, I will get a return phone call from the gastroenterologist today.  At least Ame Cat is looking good.



  1. Ugh! Do I need to come down there and relieve you for a while. Oops...can't...too allergic to all your animals. I'll pray for Ellie instead! Huggles, sweet friend!!!!!!

  2. I have to say: Ellie just stops my heart, she's so absolutely gorgeous. I feel like I shouldn't say that now, with the bit on FB about how to talk to girls (- NOT notice how pretty they are) but man. Those eyes! xoxo

  3. That nasty milk puke smell is the worst! Claire was spitty on the 4th, and I finally just had to leave the BBQ and get her a bath!


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