Monday, July 18, 2011

A Day To Save Tabitha: Spread the Bear Love = $$$

This is a very difficult post for me to write because it means that I have to let go.

Tabitha, Russia region 15H, Born May 2010

She is/was our daughter.  The daughter that Andrew and I cannot physically rescue.  The daughter that cannot be ours.  As much as it saddens me that we are not going to be her forever family, I KNOW that God led us to her for a reason.  I am devastated to say the least, but I must let her go.  However, I will not do so, until I have found her true forever family.

Forever Families are found in many ways and I know that exposure is one of them.  I also know that $$$$ helps.  There are families that want to adopt and save an orphan, but money is an issue.  A child with a large grant may increase the likelihood of being adopted.

Tabitha: Isn't she the most beautiful little girl?

So here it goes:

I currently have 49 The Chronicles of Ellie Bellie Bear followers.  Thanks followers, you are very much appreciated! Through blogging, I not only wanted to show how completely beautiful and awesome Ellie is, but to also increase awareness about Down syndrome and to increase awareness about the plight of these orphans in other parts of the world.  More followers means more awareness.

From now until Friday July 29, 2011, I will donate $1.00 per follower up to $150.  Unfortunately, I cannot afford more.  As of this post, I will be donating $49 for my fabulous 49 followers.

Daughter-Of-My-Heart Tabitha

If you read my blog and have not already clicked on the "Follow" button on the upper right side bar, please please pretty please do so.  You will not get pestered with emails or spam or anything of the sort.  My blog will just show up in you blogger "Dashboard".  There is also a "follow" tab at the very top of the browser.

Additionally, spread the Ellie Bear love.  Repost the blog ( on FB or mention us on your blog.

Follow the Chronicles of EBB!

The same for Tabitha's Reece's Rainbow page as this is all about finding her a family.

Finally, if you happen to have a few dollars lying around, you may donate to  Tabitha's Grant.

Remember spread awareness, become a follower, and I will donate $$$ to Tabitha's Grant.

I am making sure that this sweet, angel face never leaves your thoughts. 


*Thank you to "my girls" for all of your support and help during this time.  You know who you are.
**Thank you to all of the Ellie Bear followers.  You are all fabulous!


  1. Love it!!! Off to find more followers for you :)

  2. Awesome!!! I already thought i was a follower, but I wasn't!!! Now I am!!!! Love ya!!!

  3. Agh - cannot figure out how to follow without my full legal name being out there! I'm waiting for my sister's techy-ness to fix the doo-hicky thing.

  4. Tabitha is stunning and so is Ellie!


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