Friday, July 22, 2011

Little Miss Reflux

Now days my daughter runs around the house in diaper.  Yes, it isn't very stylish, but my washer needs a break and frankly, I am so tired of laundry.

After a few glorious days of thinking Zegerid was our miracle drug, the reflux came back at full force.  You know, the spit up that manages to cover her shirt, her shorts, me, and the floor?  Episodes that occur immediately after eating/drinking and then throughout the day even if she hadn't eaten for a few hours?Reflux and delayed gastric emptying.  Goody, more food to reflux with.  Yuck. Yuck. Yuck.

Heard you are talking about me again!

I have discovered a very good reason to get a dog--clean up.  Disgusting, I know.  Yet, Sophie dog has stepped up to the plate and has helped clean up many trails of spit up.  Yes, I said trails.  Ellie likes to walk and silently spit-up.  It is like Hansel and Gretel over here, minus Hansel.

Just puppy kisses.  Not spit-up-patrol in this photo.

Imagine the faces of disgust when people ask me "what does Ellie have in her mouth?" and I reply "oh that is just regurgitate food from a few hours ago.  Don't worry, she will swallow it.".   I shall repeat "Yuck!" and add in NASTY and GROSS.  I can only imagine the damage that is being done to my little girl's esophagus and teeth.  Oh my little Ellie!!!!

I do not think I ever laughed so hard.  Ellie likes to "help" with the laundry.  For some odd reason, Ellie thinks my clean sports bra is a fashion accessory.  She walks around the house with it on like this.  Did it again today.
She must get her fashion sense from me.

My little happy spitter has become not so happy.  The last few days she has been acting hungry, but then refusing foods after a few bites.  By the end of the day, she finally breaks down and eats relatively well (only to spit up some more).  She is restless during sleep and is not taking decent naps.  My little Bear is more irritable which I am sure is the direct result of disrupted sleep and hunger.  Her eyes have large dark circles.  I do not believe she has lost weight, but gaining weight is problematic right now. She is hydrated which is a great blessing and a relief for a little cyber buddy of ours having a hard time (please keep G in your prayers).

I wish she would get this excited to see me, but Ellie only has eyes for the Sophie Dog.

Clearly, the Zegerid and low-dose erythromycin are not working.  Something is up (don't say throw up my pun-loving friends) and I do not know what to do or what the cause is.  Everything was so well controlled.  Then, BAM!, out of the blue, ~ 1month ago, I had to break out the bibs and start carrying multiple changes of clothing.  What happened?  There were no dietary changes.  No stuffy noses or tummy bugs.  I just do not understand.  Apparently, neither does our GI doc for Ellie is scheduled for an endoscopy with a possibly biopsy of the esophagus on 8/2.  This will be performed under general anesthesia. While Andrew and I are not thrilled, we recognize that we must get to the bottom of this.

Miss Bearity Bear's "throne"



  1. oh huge hugs! i have been here with Tilly! We took her of all dairy and that helped with the spitup...well i should really say projectile vomiting! it really really helped and i know many other sms kids who found the same! Now she eats all dairy, we weened her back onto it slowly!

    go and check out the flight platform dear friend! you feature big time today! xxxxx

  2. Adorable pictures! Sorry about your August - anesthesia always scares the hell out of me but our various peeps have always taken great care of my little girl.

    Has she actually HIT Sophie yet? Before her heart repair mine had severe (sorry, SEVERE) projectile nastiness & got one of the dogs once. It was perfect comic relief.

  3. My heart aches for you both...that sounds like the WORST - not knowing what it is, seeing that she's hungry but can't really hold anything down. Bleh. Hugs. I hope it gets better soon and/or the test shows what's up


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