Sunday, July 17, 2011

Somewhat Silent Sunday: Water Play

Did you know that Austinites have suffered from the hottest June since 1895?  July may perhaps go the same way at the rate we going.  The kiddie pool has brought Ellie Bear much relief during this 100+ degree weather.  Mama bear is too bid for the pool so I must suffer on the sidelines and take lots of pictures :)

Do you see this?  This is my kid who hats the bath and shower.  You know the one who screams when her head gets wet.

Me thinks I need to start bathing her in the pool.

Dirty Baby = Dirty Pool Water

Sophie "Why hello princess Bear, don't mind me drinking the pool water."
Long-haired puppies get hot too.
Yes, those are indeed bath toy in our pool.  They are fun. They squirt water.
I am never one to miss out on a valuable learning opportunity.
Fine motor skill builder and cognitive thinking = nesting cups

I have something special planned for "Forget-Me-Not" Friday.  In fact, I just might post a little earlier in the week :)


  1. Love the pics as usual! I hope you get a little reprieve from the hot weather soon!

  2. so fun! we love the pool over here!

  3. as always i sit delighting in your post and your pictures of that scrummy ellie and then i see that little teaser at the bottom of the post! mmmmmm cant wait! xxx

  4. bath time in the pool? why not? hey, I'm all for whatever works!

  5. You had a blue swimming pool just like Ellie's. Eileen Schaller and I went to K-Mart together and we both bought pools. We drove home with them strapped to the top of her station wagon:-)

  6. It's been hot here too! I don't have a pool for Claire, but she's spent lots of time with her water table.


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