Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Yes, We Do Smoke

Why yes, we do smoke.  Well, mostly Andrew smokes.  We smoke for just about any occasion.

Ellie doesn't smoke. . . yet.

Such as this. . .

Oh goodness, that is not me as I already have my man!  That is Michelle's lovely hand with the gorgeous bling.  Whoot whoot!  Congratulations to Rico and Michelle!

Rico & Michelle

Smoking brings people together.

"Teddy" Graham "Cracker" and Ellie Bellie Bear
Oh yes, that is our kitchen.  We made it ourselves.

This is Ana.  She has cool Betsy Johnson earrings.

After all, when you smoke this much brisket and this many ribs, you have to share!

Do you see the amount of meat on those ribs?!?!?!  The key is to buy UNCUT ribs.  Look at that sea of brisket.  Yum!

What?  You didn't think I was talking about cigarettes did you?  This is Texas and I am a health care provider!  Of course, all that red meat should be eaten in moderation or you will clog your arteries.

This is why you should own a pet--they lower your blood pressure.
This is also Michelle.  She is the Sophie-Puppy-Whisperer.

Besides, I need to live forever so that I can be there for Ellie Bear.

That is why it is important to throw in a little fruit and some dessert. You can never go wrong with chocolate.  It is an antioxidant.

As for the cupcakes. . . .

Well, let's see here.  Shall I shove the whole thing in my mouth?
Yes! Yes, I should!
Mmmmm.  This is so good.  What do you mean I am making a mess?
No no Sophie dog.  This is mine!  All Mine.  See?  All gone.

What do you mean by "you need a bath"? 

I do not anticipate us giving up smoking any time soon.  If you are ever in the Austin area, let us know.



  1. you had me worried for a minute there!!

  2. I enjoy your blog very much! Ellie is such a cutie! I need to encourage my husband to start smoking more often:)

  3. I was TOTALLY worried too!!! AHHHH!! you tricked me. love the story line, makes me want to come visit ASAP and eat cupcakes with Ellie.

  4. Will there be leftovers in the freezer for Awa Grandma?

  5. You...you cut your watermelon into little hearts! Am suddenly feeling inadequate. And hungry.

  6. Hi! I'm Jenny, I just hopped over from Gretchens blog...I am smitten with Ellie, what a beauty!! I Look forward to following your blog :)


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