Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Great News, Help Needed, Give Aways

Gee Ellie, you look very excited.

I am!  I even have my dancing shoes on.

Mama, do you remember dear Albina?  She really wanted and needed a family.  Do you remember her?

I do, sweet Ellie.  I do remember.

That is why the Ellie Bellie Bear is SO very excited.

Albina has been moved to the MY FAMILY HAS FOUND ME page on Reece's Rainbow.

Also, Mommy, another littler girl has a family coming for her who loves her very very much.  She shares the same extra chromosome as me!

Anticipating Autumn (Donna on RR) for the Quinn Family.  Follow their journey and watch for Give Aways + fundraisers here .

Awaiting Auttie is beautifully written by her future 19 year-old sister.  This young lady has a way with words and takes a great photograph.

Ellie Bear, why the frowny face?  You were excited just a few moments ago.

Because, Mommy, there are still orphans out there who do not have mamas or papas.  

Does that mean they do not have the "snuggle puppy" sung to them at night?  Does it mean they do not get lots of hugs? Do they not get yummy food like peanut butter and Omega-3 Fatty Acid Gummy Bears?  I heard that they have to re-use disposable diapers.  That is yucky!  (Diapers of Lucy's Orphanage)

I want to find a mama and papa for Francine and for Ilya.  I want it NOW!

Yes, Ellie, these orphanages and institutions are horrible and we need to find families for these children quick.  How about we blog as much as possible about these sweet angels?  Maybe someone will stumble across this blog and think "that is my child!" OR maybe someone will forward this post to someone else who says "I am her/his mama!"


Visit Flight Platform Living to see how you can help Miss Francine.


Visit the Ailts Family Website as they are dedicated to helping find Ilya a home.

UPDATE (7/7/11):  Sasha is in desperate need of a family.  Are you his mama or his papa?  Please help spread the word about this dear boy.  He has already been TRANSFERRED.

Bear-Bear, now you are sending me mixed messages.  

Mommy, I am happy because some of these kids, who are just like me, have forever families, but they need help rescuing.  They have a mama and papa who already love them, but it takes so much to get them across the ocean.

Here are some perfect angels who have loving families working so hard to bring them home.  Click on the links to learn more about them.  Some of these families are currently hosting give aways and some are preparing to.  

Shawna and Lindsay for the Eubanks Family.

Lera for the Higbie Family.

Phoebe + Sister for the Smith Family

But Mommy, when these orphans come home to their forever families, does this mean they can have cupcakes and ribs?

I sure hope so Ellie.  It is a long journey even after these these little children are released into the love and protection of their forever families.

Updates on:
Kirill (Gregory)


Victoria + Francesca

Lucy (Melanie)



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