Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Fashion Sense: "Down Syndrome Style" (Mock my pants, not my sister)

By now, many of you have heard (and even blogged) about the GQ article in which John B. Thompson slams not only Bostonians and their sense of style, but also Down syndrome.  In stating that Boston is the worst dressed city he throws around phrases such as "bad-taste storm sewer" and "Boston suffers from a kind of Style Down Syndrome where a little extra ends up ruining everything."

Hopefully, you have also read Dr. Brian Skotko's of the Children's Hospital Down Syndrome Program blog on July 18, 2011 response.  One cannot help, but love Dr. Skotko and his ability to stand up to the media, to advocate for those with Ds all while throwing in a sense of humor. He makes me wish that I lived in Boston and that Ellie received her medical care from him.

Dr. Skotko & His Sister Kristen

He writes:

Go ahead, GQ, and mock my blue whale-emblemed Nantucket-red pants. Laugh if you want at the loud argyles that I prefer to wear with my black suit. I don’t even care if you dismiss the sexy pink polka-dotted tie that I like to wear with my blue-checkered shirt in clinic. But, whatever you do, do not mess with my sister.
My sister, Kristin, has Down syndrome, and let me explain what “Style Down Syndrome” really is.  “Style Down Syndrome” is smiling when everyone else prefers to frown. It’s spending three summers, in sheer determination, learning to ride a bike because you want the freedom to be like everyone else. It’s singing tunes from Grease at the top of your lungs with your friends. It’s celebrating a third-place victory at a swim meet with as much gusto as the gold medalist.
UPDATE:  Video Interview with Dr. Skotko on MyFox Boston.  

Now everyone on here knows that my little Ellie Bear is a fashionista.  Matching bows, coordinating socks and shoes, red-heart sunglasses, fancy hats. . . the list goes on and on.  My daughter has style and sass.

The same cannot be said for her mother. . .

Ooh, this is going to haunt me, isn't it?

To all of the John B. Thompsons out there, like Dr. Skotko, I say this MOCK MY FASHION SENSE AND NOT MY DAUGHTER OR MY AUNT!


  1. OK - That's it, I'm officially delurking. You rock. LOVE the shorts. I find the tan blazer really sets off the blue, too - formal business wear is such a dying art.

    [I'll also tell you that I call my little girl 'bear' too but not online & I'll get over it. Probably]

  2. ha ha ha thats just priceless! nice pins anna! i wonder if i could join in with Tilly, as i am so offended by that remark as well! I know tilly hasnt got ds, but even so!

    oh and by the way honey, i hope you dont mind but i am posting in the next couple of days about your fundraiser for TABITHA. i have taken your blog header for the post if you are ok with that? just ley me know if you are not. love and hugs xx


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