Thursday, November 18, 2010

Tights, Leggings, & PJ Bottoms

I love tights.  On Ellie that is.  I am not a big fan of wearing tights or panty hose or whatever you want to call those torture devices.  They become baggy at the ankles and cut off the circulation to your gut and for what?  Just to get a snag in the nylon. However, cute, warm, happy tights on a little kiddo is just darling.  Oh snuggle little Ellie Bear-Bear!

Stripes!  Cute huh?  Nothing goes with them though.

What better than boots, tights, and a little jean skirt that buttons up the front?

Of course not one hour into playgroup, Ellie's reflux rears its ugly head and we have a huge spit up down the front of her shirt.  Then, of course, she crawls through it.  

Never fear!  I have spare clothes, er pajamas in the car.  As it turns out, the PJs look like a cute shirt and leggings when paired with the jean skirt.  The ladies at the Walgreens were commenting on her "cute polka dot leggings".  That's my Ellie: the ever-stylish-chunky-chicka-boom-boom.
Still a "Little Miss Sassy Pants"

PJ Bottoms Vs. Leggings

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