Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Just When I Think I Might Be a Texan

Do you see that sassy little look?  She thinks Andrew = stepping stool
. . . This December, I would have lived in Austin for four years.  My home with Andrew is the house that I have lived in the longest since I left my birth place of St. Louis and high-tailed it to the big East Coast of Philadelphia for college (and then to Oregon and then back East).

See!  She is actually using his face to stand and he is letting her

Even though my frequent moving, selling all of my belongings, and cross country jaunts might have seemed to many like a habit or wonder lust, I do not do well with change.  It has taken me nearly this long to finally feel like I claim Texas as my home state.  I have my big pick-up truck.  I had BBQ at my wedding.  I eat at Whataburger on a weekly basis.  Smoking a brisket for 18 hours in my backyard seems normal. I now listen to Stevie Ray Vaughan on the radio voluntarily.

I would just like to point out how Ellie is multi-tasking--standing using Andrew, manipulating her blanket, and playing with the sock monkey and the Leap Frog table

Then there is a little tap on the shoulder from Mother Nature that reminds me that my blood is not accustomed to 80+ degree weather with 80% humidity at the end of November.  My body says "wait a minute!  Is it June????  It feels like June in STL or Philly.  This isn't Autumn.  We are not having Thanksgiving turkey this week or going Christmas shopping anytime soon!"  While most of my family and college buds are wearing fuzzy socks and sipping on hot cocoa, Ellie and I are running around in shorts and tank tops.  Andrew always wears shorts sleeves and shorts so I will leave it at that.  In the northern East coast, the leaves are changing various colors of ruby red, bright yellow, and burnt orange (sorry, Longhorns on my mind--proof I am converted).  Yet here, some of the trees are shooting acorns off the roof and my geraniums are blooming beautifully.
Sophie of the Puppy Princess Paw-Paws enjoying a game of fetch

Sophie Dog waiting for Ellie to throw the frisbee.  Yes, I wrote Ellie.

While it does not feel like "The Holiday Season" to me and I moan and groan for cold weather and for footie jammies for Ellie, I am indeed thankful for:

1. Backyard playtime with Ellie & fetch with Sophie Princess Puppy Paw-paws
2. The quality walks Andrew enjoys with his daughter and puppy
3. Eating outside at restaurants without being attacked by the vicious mosquitoes
4. Smoking a brisket outside for Thanksgiving without freezing our hineys off
5. Not having to scrape the windshield of my big-honking-truck-a-sauras

Super Ellie.  Ta Da Ta Da.  

I shall wear this bib as a cape to give me the super baby power of cuteness.

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  1. If it makes you feel any better, up until yesterday, it's been crazy warm and sunny in St. Louis as well (like in the 70s last week).
    Of course now it might snow tomorrow.


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