Sunday, November 14, 2010

Cruise Baby Cruise

Ellie is slowly, but surely getting the hang of cruising.  For a little over a month, Bellie Bear has been cruising in a straight line for only a couple of steps at a time with lots of coaxing.  Now she is cruising in a straight line with multiple steps at a time and she may not even need a toy for motivation.  Go Elles Belles!!!!

Ellie Walks the Line

For the past 2 weeks, we (by "we" I mean Ellie with me acting as cheerleader, toy manipulator, and baby bootcamp drill seargant) have been working on cruising around corners and weight shifting.  Weight shifting helps her to cruise, but it also helps her to transfer between two surfaces such as the couch and the coffee table or between the couch and the chair.  This is where the squats and one-legged stands came into play.

Weight Shifting Between Two Surfaces

Andrew and I  had to drastically rearrange our furniture to give Ellie these opportunities to practice.

The coffee table is so close to the couch and chair that us big people can barely walk around. 

There is still some Ellie-proofing that needs to occur.  For instance, Bear-Bear just removed on of the outlet covers from the outlet.   How she accomplished it, I do not know for I can barely get those suckers out.  For the record, it was the off-white Safety First ones she removed (and then tried to stick back in-Eek!)

Ellie, Future Electrician
Practicing the Fine Motor Skills

She also believes that the foam corner pads are for teething.

Nom Nom Nom
Ellie has apparently acquired yet another skill. . . pole dancing.  

Tomorrow we are off for our 3 month ENT follow-up.  I would be shocked if 1. Ellie didn't have cerumen impaction (enough wax to create a candle) or 2. the ear tubes were still intact.

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  1. Yikes! Awa Grandma and Grandpa need to get Ellie-proofing! We are only kitty-proofed.


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