Wednesday, November 17, 2010

An Inspiring Message

I have been meaning to post this video on my blog for a few days now.  Some of you may have watched part of it when I posted it on FB.  Yes, I realize that it is from 2007, but I strongly believe that the message still and always will apply.  Yes, I realize that it is 9 minutes long so for those of you with a shortage of patience (like me), watch the last 3 minutes.  However, the first 6 minutes are relatively entertaining.  So, if you can, watch the whole thing.

Soeren Palumbo's R-Word High School Speech

My little Ellie Bear is only 14 months-old and yet I dread the day that she will come home in tears because someone (or people) teased her.  I dread the day that she will be called "stupid" or "retard".  Right now we attend a playgroup with kids all born in 2009.  It is a fabulous playgroup and every member gives me hope.  All of these mothers have become my support group and dear friends.  They root Ellie on and when she does something such as standing or clapping, they become so excited and shout out to me because Ellie's triumphs are theirs.  All of the 2009-ers see her as "just another baby".  They climb over each other and grab out for the same toys.  The older siblings refer to her as "hey baby" because they do not see her as being different. . .yet.  When does that change?  When do these 3 yo & 4yo kiddos go from seeing just another baby to someone that is different?  Kindergarten?  Late elementary school?  Or do they learn it from adults?  I wish I knew the answer. . .

Just to put everyone into the Holiday spirit:

Deep conversations with a reindeer 

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