Friday, November 26, 2010

Chunky Ham?

We call her the chunky chicken of the chicka boom-boom.  Then a chunky turkey in honor of Thanksgiving.  Now a chunky ham?

Thanks for showing me the inside of your nose, Ellie.

Yesterday my dear daughter has discovered that certain facial expressions are desired when a camera is pointed a person's face.  Instead of her usual wide mouth "hi ya mom" smile, she has now adopted her father's closed mouth smirk.  Yes, my little Ellie Bear is posing for the camera.  It is hilarious, but I love her "hi ya" grin.

No lie.  The Bellie Bear had this big look of concentration etched on her face as Awa Dunja was coaxing her to cruise along the play-yard.  Bear saw me with the camera and bam! struck the above pose.

See, there is it again.  All bundled-up for shopping (more on that later) and attempting to remove her hood.  She sees the camera and cue smirk.

Okay, we tricked her.  Dunja is tickling her and hence the "Hi Ya Mom" grin.

Here's to hoping that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and that no one was trampled during the crazy shopping frenzy of Black Friday.

Us Theurers had a fabulously tasty Texan Thanksgiving in a garage with family, friends, and other people's families :-)  Bliss.   Again, more on that later.

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