Friday, November 12, 2010

Going Public

We are going public!

Andrew and I have kept our blog private and by invitation only for so long because we were so afraid of our privacy being violated.  Yes, it is the internet and therefore nothing is private, but we felt better knowing that people had to enter a little password just to access the Ellie Bear blog.  Okay, I changed the name from Our Family to Ellie Bear.  It is after all a website mostly about the Bear-Bear.

I have been spending a large amount of time immersing myself into other people's blogs who too have children with special needs such as Kelle Hampton's Enjoying The Small Things, Deedah & Me, and Daddythefatty.  Reading their blogs have helped me to feel less alone.  I got to thinking, scary I know, that perhaps other people would feel the same way about my blog.  Maybe?  Possibly?

Additionally, I know that many of you are wary of the internet (as is completely understandable--see 1st paragraph) and have not been reading my wonderful, witty entries :-P because it requires a google account.    Not to mention, our darling Ellie is so beautiful and wonderful that she should be shared with everyone!


  1. Yea! Now I can add you to my Google Reader! Also, I LOVE Kelle Hampton's blog!

  2. I just discovered your blog Anna and am so excited that you are public so that I can keep up with Miss Ellie's progress! She is really lucky to have you as a Mama!


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