Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Many Faces of Ellie + 14 Mon. Progress Report

Serious Bear

Thinking Bear

This past Wednesday Ellie showed off to our developmental therapist.  As usual, Jan was very impressed with Ellie's determination and progress.  Her standing is much steadier and less wide-based.  Ellie is pulling to a stand at a greater speed and is cruising very well.  We have new exercises.

Ticklish Bear
Ellie still says "bababa, lalala, dadada, wah wah" and new "mon mon" and 4 times now "mama".   None of these sounds are person specific.  As in she does not associate "dada" with Andrew and "mama" with me.  Jan recommended creating a "Me Book" in which I place pictures of Andrew, myself, Ellie, Tama, Sophie, and Amelie.  Each picture is labeled with "Mama" or "Dada" or "Ellie" or "Dog" or "Cat".  Ellie likes the book. . .especially the plastic picture coverings.

Me Book

Gross Motor: 
Push-Pull toys.  Our dear friend Angelika has lent us a blue hippo push-pull toy.  Jan has us weighing the toy down using canned goods.  Wet cat food goods to be exact.  We then place Ellie's play puppy in the toy to encourage her to pull up and push the toy.  Sometimes she pulls which is apparently good as she must engage her core muscles to stay standing.  Sometimes, she pushes and then takes 3 steps!!!!  

Cross-legged Autumn Baby

Fine Motor:
Cat food cans.  As expected, Ellie likes to see what is in the push-pull toy.  That means she removes the cans of cat food from the toy.  Our new goal is to get her to stack the toys (fine motor) while in a squatting position (gross motor).  As you can guess, why squat when it is easier to sit?  Or why stack when it is more fun to bang the cans together?

Cat-Food Storage Contraption

Ellie is still rocking her inferior pincer grasp and hasn't quite figured out how to perform a regular pincer grasp or to point.  To help her achieve this skill, Jan recommended glueing pretty things to the bottom of an egg carton.  That way Ellie will be enticed to explore the bottom of the egg carton and only one figure will fit.  It sounds great. . . in theory.

Ellie Giving the Egg Carton as a Peace Offering to Sophie.  Egg Carton = Excellent Teething Ring

Leaf Investigator

Clapping Bear

Tired of Mom Taking Pictures Bear


  1. Love sweet! We have a 14 mo. old Ellie Bear too...she also rocks an extra chromosome.


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