Friday, November 12, 2010

Miss Sassy Pants

My husband said "Some people wear their hearts on their sleeves while others wear it on their butt".  Well said Andrew.

Old Navy had a sale on tights.  A 2 for $10 so of course I bought 2 pairs.  I open them up to wash them and nearly had an accident when I saw the heart on the bottom of the tights!  You know it looks cute on Ellie's diapered butt, yet the day when I wear a large heart or star or whatever on my hiney. . . well, let us not go there.

If only my Christmas photo shots would come our like this.  Happy Bear!


  1. She looks a lot like your mama in this pic. Cute!!!
    xx Angelika

  2. Yay, she is wearing her new boots!!!!


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