Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Chunky Turkey Blessings

Can you believe what a difference a year makes?

Chunky Baby Cheeks 1 year ago

The past 365 days have been wonderful, challenging, and a whirlwind.  The journey continues and I am so thankful for the people who have been and who still are a part of this journey.

I am forever thankful for my hot, sexy husband who also has the fabulous qualities of being sweet, humorous, gentle, and considerate.  I am thankful for the flowers he bought me at Costco last month and I am thankful that he buys me M&Ms while shopping for his cough syrup just because he understands my chocolate addiction.  I only hope that I can be as thoughtful and loving as him.

I told you he was super hot and sexy

My darling little chunky turkey Ellie has brought such light and love into our family and her amazing cuteness and determination has affected so many people.  For receiving the miraculous gift of Ellie, I am thankful.

My family is such an amazing support system who have seen me at my worst and at my best and they still provide me with unconditional love.  My parents have inspired me to parent as they have parented and I thank them for for their love and for equipping me with the tools to become a successful, independent woman.

Of course my world would not be what it is without my dear friends.  Friends for years and friends I have only known a short time.  Friends of the past and current friends.  You are all very dear to me.  The support, the kindness, the lending of a shoulder, the lending of an ear,  your fashion sense, your parenting tips.  For loving my dear Ellie for the wonderful person that she is and for pushing me to be the best person that I can be.  Thank you, my dear friends.

Tama: Ooh cat nip.. llooovvvveee the cat nip.
Tama, Amelie, and Sophie dog, I am thankful for all of your antics which keep me laughing for hours on end.  You guys are an endless source of entertainment (and clean up).
Sophie & Amelie:  You can just tell that these two spell trouble

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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