Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The School Bus: another update

The last time I discussed Ellie's school adventures, I mentioned that my daughter was not handling riding the big school bus well.  Granted, we were only a few days into this big transition so her reaction was not entirely shocking.

As of today, Ellie has been attending school for two weeks.  She goes every single day for 4 hours.  She is a rockstar.  Happy faces every day so far!

She is also a drama queen.

On the 4th morning of school, as the bus slowly drives down our street, Ellie enthusiastically signs "bus" while shouting "YAY!".  She eagerly goes into the arms of the bus aide.

She then stops.

She turns towards me because she has remembered that she must be upset.

Her face scrunches up into something like this:

"mama mama mamamama", she sobs.

The performance ended and she continued on down the aisle of the very large school bus and was assisted into her car seat.

From that day forward, she has since given up all pretense of loathing the bus and missing me.

Ellie Bear loves the school bus.

*October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month and I am participating in the 31-for-21 blog hop.  While Ellie possesses 3 copies of the 21 chromosome every single day of her life, this month is a time to educate others about Ds as well as celebrate those wonderful people in our lives who happen to have designer genes.*



  1. oh she is the scrummiest! so glad she is enjoying school xxx

  2. Yay on enjoying school!!! I love the picture of her with her's just about as big as she is! Too cute! :)

  3. It can be hard to realize that kids really are okay without us sometimes huh?
    I secretly enjoy when Landon cries for me when I drop him off at daycare-- cause it means he loves/needs/misses me! (Don't worry, he doesn't do it very often)

    Glad Miss Ellie is loving the bus now!


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