Monday, October 29, 2012

A Visit to the Pumpkin Patch

Autumn is my favorite season.  I love the beautiful foliage, the scent of damp leaves, the cloying scents of nutmeg and cinnamon, and warm apple cider & hot chocolate.  The rejoicing that happens when Starbucks brings back their pumpkin spice latte--a sign the Fall is finally here. The pumpkins!  Oh the wonderful pumpkins and Halloween candy!

Oh wait. . . I am apparently reminiscing about Autumn in the Midwest and East Coast.  I live in the land where the seasons are hot, hotter, hot, and somewhat cooler.  Right now we are slowing, ever so slowly, moving from hot to somewhat cooler with an occasional hotter day thrown in.  Last week, 90 degrees, but then on Friday we only got up to the 60s.  For a native Texan like my daughter, this was "cold".

Sixty degree temps mean on thing.  A visit to the pumpkin patch!  Andrew and I were so excited to take Ellie Bear to the local nursery.  For the past 3 weeks, she has wanted to read "Biscuit's Visit to the Pumpkin Patch".  She loves this book because it has a dog, a wagon, and balls.  The balls being pumpkins.

However, upon entering the pumpkin patch, she did this:

Apparently she is "all done"

In the end, she was happy enough to touch the pumpkin and perform an abbreviated sign for tomato and shout ball.  A successful Autumn adventure!

*To all of you affected by Superstorm Sandy, my thoughts and prayers are with you.



  1. Is that a new haircut? I have been behind on the adventures of Ellie Bear but Sandy is allowing me to catch up! Hair looks cute.

  2. Being a native Texan myself, I can vouch that it was COLD :) Hehe. I drank hot chocolate and everything. Miss Ellie is cute as always! And what a nice pumpkin patch! I was so disappointed in ours this year - by the time we got there, the pumpkins were all rotten, and there were only about 10 of them left. :( Oh well, we'll snag some pictures next year.


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