Tuesday, October 2, 2012

My Child with Down Syndrome Is. . .

October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month and I am participating in the 31-for-21 blog hop.  While Ellie possesses 3 copies of the 21 chromosome every single day of her life, this month is a time to educate others about Ds as well as celebrate those wonderful people in our lives who happen to have designer genes.

My Ellie is

. . . beautiful

. . . sassy

. . . a drama queen

. . . very determined (& agile)

...and cleanly, industrious
. . . motivated

. . . loving

. . . spunky

. . . full of mischief

. . . a little bit vain

...isn't always happy
. . . stubborn, really stubborn

. . . amazing

. . . exasperating!

. . . completely, utterly lovable

. . . just like any other kid!

I titled this post "My Child with Down Syndrome" rather than "My Downs or Down Syndrome Child".  It may seem like a small literary nuisance, but it is in fact something we refer to as People First Language.  My daughter is a child first.  Ellie just happens to have Down syndrome.  Ellie does not equal the syndrome. Hence my child with Down syndrome.


  1. Seriously, I LOVE all the photos of Ellie! She is too stinkin' cute!! My fav is the "spunky" photo!

  2. She sure looks like she is all that and more.

    Would you allow me to add a picture of Anna to my Blog Hop post that highlights how people with Ds have beautiful eyes? Stop by and let me know. Thanks!


  3. I love all those pics....especially her in the dog bowls! bahaha!

  4. These are just fabulous - she looks about 16 in that sassy picture. Watch out boys!


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