Sunday, September 30, 2012

Rarely Photographed

There is a very good reason as to why I rarely appear in photographs with my daughter.  Aside from the fact that I am the one usually behind the camera. . .

This is our best picture.  She isn't even looking at the camera!

Ta-Da!  Boneless-Toddler Move.

The escape.

I decided to try a new approach.

New approach = epic fail

That is why it is so important to have an excellent professional photographer.  My friend, Jen Mishkin, is a fabulous photographer who captures stunning imagines of children, families, engagements, maternity, and wee little newborn bambinos.  She is very talented and has a very big heart.  Jen wanted to do something special in honor of Down Syndrome Awareness Month.  You see, her handsome little boy, L is sweethearts with my two-timing, blue-eyed, Sassy Pants Ellie.

For the Month of October, 50% of the session fee will be donated to the Down Syndrome Association of Central Texas [DSACT].

Please visit

Thank you, Jen, for your friendship.  For all that you are and all that you do.


  1. oh that has made my eyes well up! i love it when friends do stuff like this! next time you see her give her a hug from me and says its from the UK xxxx

  2. Love the pictures of you & Ellie! I was just scolded for cropping myself out (though in my defense it was a really, REALLY bad shot)...Moms need to stay in the pictures!


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