Monday, October 22, 2012

Pets Don't Judge

. . . actually, they do.

Ever notice how cats can pick out that one person in the crowd who is "not a cat person" and they make it their mission to convince that person otherwise.  "Oh yes, I will sit on you."  "I will rub up on your leg and purr."  "You will like me".  "Look at my big soulful eyes". . . all with a liquid velvet voice like Antonio Banderas.  Sigh.

Photo: Puss in Boots

My college roommate Megan had or actually has a temperamental Riley kitty who would poop on the carpet if she had a boyfriend Riley didn't approve of.  When handsome, British Matt came along, the Riley kitty would sit at the door crying after he left (he loved Matt's sexy accent).  He also did not leave any hidden nuggets on the floor when Matt was around.  Clearly, the Riley kitty was granting his approval of Megan's suitor.  As a direct result, or not so direct, Megan and Matt are now happily married with not one, but two kitties (and a baby!).

Come on, Amelie.  It is time to call Awa Grandma!

You notice how some dogs are skittish around some people and not others?  I think that many animals have an innate sense of goodness.  Of course, I have absolutely no research to back that up.  Our deceased border collie Rodeo was Andrew's bachelor buddy.  He loved most people, but could sense non-dog-lovers.  He also had a fierce loyalty toward his Daddy.  When I packed my bags and drove 1,718 miles to Texas to be with my sexy honey-bunny, Rodeo became a bit possessive.  He would lay sideways on the bed, in between us, completely pushing me off the king-size mattress.  I believe he was stating that he did not like me usurping the household. When Andrew was around,
The Prince of Puppies would not follow any commands given by me.  Andrew would have to turn his back on Rodeo so that Rodeo would know I was Mommy.  After a few months, I passed Rodeo's judgement and he fully accepted me into his pack. . . as his mommy.  Yes, Rodeo passed judgement and I was deemed 'acceptable'.

Rodeo did not live to see Ellie.
He passed when I was pregnant, but I know he would have taken good care of The Bear.


Our Sophie Dog can spot a dog lover over a mile away.  She is skittish around those who possess the freakish Y-chromosome.  She knows how wily those males can be.  Toddlers.  She is petrified of toddlers.  Tail tucked, nervous, anxious, poops on the floor scared of toddlers.  However, if you are a female, look out!  Sophie Dog is under the mistaken assumption that she is a tiny dog and can fit in your lap and smother you with *puppy kisses*.

Hmm, where am I going with this?  I am not sure any more (reminder: I have a concussion.  S/P motor vehicle accident.  I still get easily confused. . .and lost).  The point is that my 3 animals love my little girl even with all of the tail and hair pulling and dog food stealing that Ellie tries to get away with.  The black Tama kitty only allows Ellie to touch her.  Bear can pull at her tail and Tama just walks away.  If anyone else were to do this "hiss".  Amelie loves everyone, but Ellie is her absolute favorite.  Sophie.  Now Sophie and Ellie have a special bond.  You cannot really see it in the photos, but they are best buddies.  When Ellie hops off the school bus, she signs "dog" because she wants to see Sophie.  She giggles when Sophie comes to lick her.  She tries to share her food with Sophie.

I do not know if animals can sense that she has different genetic make-up.  Does that extra chromosome make her smell prettier than rest of us?  I do know know.  Nor do I care.  Our little furbabies see Ellie as one of their own.  A member of their pack.

Don't worry, Ellie Bellie Bear.  I will protect you!

Photo Shy Tama-Boo



  1. Very cool! Love the photos where Ellie is wearing the I love Kitties shirt...
    I don't know - Samantha makes a lot of animal friends, too. Our cats always want to be around her, but run if she reaches out to them too quickly. Or blows on them. Or tries to pick them up. Or "pats" instead of "pets" them. You get the picture. But they still are *drawn* to her. As she grows, their tolerance will, too, and I can see them all being best buddies.

  2. So that must be why cats wont leave me alone...they KNOW im not a cat person...LOL!!!!! Somehow the furry friends are just drawn to Avery too...we have a dog and she just loves him to pieces..but he doesnt let her sometimes..and she gets so mad..


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