Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Fairy Princess, according to Ellie

Hi everyone!  Ellie Bellie Bear here.  It seems that my Mommy has been writing things about me again.  Things about my temper and my totally awesome sneezing.  She has also, apparently, posted some rather unflattering pictures of me with food on my face and stuffing an entire Quizno's flatbread into my mouth.  The Bear will not stand for this paparazzi nonsense!

It would be very prudent for me, The Ellie Bear, to hijack this blog and set the record straight.

I am a fairy princess.

Correction: THE Fairy Princess

As such, I am entitled to flaunt my sassiness and wear a tutu whenever I please.  A big tutu.  With sparkle tights.

Here are a few important things to know about The Bear-Bear Fairy Princess:

1.  This Beary Fairy has manners.

It is highly appropriate to knock on doors either to gain entry, to alert others of your presence, or to be released from a room.  I enjoy knocking on Daddy's office.  I want him to know that he is loved.  I also like to knock on the Garage door, because sometimes Daddy is in there and I fear he might be lonely.  When I wake up in the more, I like to pound on my door with such gusto that the entire wall shakes all while shouting "Dada dada daddy!!!!!!".  You know, the families that wake up at 5:00am together are the families that stay together.

If you want a toy, it is important to sign "share" followed by a quick  "my turn, please" before yanking the toy out of another friend's grasp.  Immediately sign sorry and thank you so that they stop crying.   Just remember your Signing Time! etiquette "please, thank you, sorry makes everyone feel good".

2.  This Fairy Princess love to slide and climb.

I love to inform my Mommy of my plans.  I do not want her to worry and I want her to be super excited.  That is why I sign climb and red.  That way Mommy knows I am going to run across the parking lot, climb on the playscape, and slide down the red slide.  For some reason, she says something about white hairs and heart attacks.

3.  Fairy Princesses are big girls.  I am trying hard to be a big girl.

I know all about "potty".  For instance, any time Daddy gets up from the table at a restaurant, he is going potty.  I know that he will be back and that he isn't leaving his little Bear.  I like to sign potty and shout "Eeeeee!" (I have trouble saying "pah-tee") so that the whole restaurant knows that he will be right back.  Many times Daddy returns to the table with more salsa or more iced tea or says he "paid the bill".

Big girls go potty too.  I sign potty and bath. Then, I open the lid on the toilet and place my special seat on there.  I sign help and Mommy removes my pull-up.  I sit there and grin.  I am so excited because I am a big girl.  We sing "Wheels on the Bus".  Then I hop down, close the lid, and flush the toilet.  Mommy is adamant about putting on another pull-up (I am getting good at stepping into the pull-up), but I rather run around naked.  It is fun.  I love to wash my hands afterwards.  I pull my stool over and wash and wash and wash some more.  Using lots of soap is good.  I love to create tons of bubbles.  I also like to fill up the little cup by the sink with water.  I try to drink from it, but I get it all over the front of my shirt and the floor.  The thing is, I have been told that I am not really going potty.  That I am going potty in my pull-up.  Something about me going "through the motions".  I don't care.  This Fairy Princess Bear is a big girl!

I forgot to tell you that Fairy Princesses wear wings.  I really didn't want to wear wings, but then I saw mommy wear them and the dancers on The Wiggles wear them during one of their exciting songs.  Everyone knows The Wiggles have it right!  I had to have bright pink wings.  With glitter!



  1. Beautiful little girl fairy princesses are the BEST!! Love the pics, love the narrative, Ellie! Mwaaaah!

  2. Oh, Ellie, you ARE such a big girl. Good for you for setting that Mommy lady straight. And you are definitely the prettiest fairy princess I know of.

  3. Ellie- We are very much looking to meeting you one day!
    Signed, The Girl & her mom

  4. a big tutu and sparkly tights...this girl knows how to steal my heart! x


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