Friday, October 12, 2012

Guest Blogger: Ins and Outs of IEPs Top 10 Tips

One of the most common searches I see on my blogger stats involves IEPs.  Therefore, I turned to the expert--Tiffany from Just a Little Muchier Muchness.  A few years ago, I started stalking reading Tiffany's blog back when it was titled Just a Little Downsy.  I then hounded her to be my Facebook Buddy.  When my Ellie was diagnosed with sensory processing disorder, Tiffany immediately messaged me to call her.  You can imagine how the phone call went "Hi Tiffany.  I am, uh, Anna from Facebook.  We never met, but my daughter Ellie. . . "  I still follow the advice that Tiffany gave me that day.  She has also provided me with extremely useful advice in navigating the school system.

The Ins and Outs of IEPs: Top 10 Tips

Tip #1
Dress for Respect

Tip #2
When you sit down at the table never forget YOU are the expert on your child.

Tip #3
Listen to what's said and HOW it's said about your can learn a lot about both your child and their teachers/therapists in an IEP, and not just about they are doing scholastically.

Tip #4
Make sure you know what's worth fighting for.  And what you are able to sacrifice.

Tip #5
What if you sign off on your IEP and then think better of it?? And some out of the norm thoughts on full inclusion....

Tip #6
Get to know your child's teachers and therapists.

Tip #7
Guest Post:  Legal proof of your power and control...and why you can afford to be generous and participate in true and equal discussions.

Tip #8
Specific warning, confession time, and why I know all these tips...

Tip #9
As important as IEP day is, the no brainer is to stay on top of it throughout the year and make sure that it is put into practice.

Tip # 10
The most important thing about an IEP is that you keep it in perspective.  It is merely a tool in the process of empowering your child.


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