Why I blog and fight for these children: she died alone

It is Forget Me Not Friday.  Even if my blog does not pop up with a post every single Friday, please know that I do not forget.  I never forget my darling daughter-of-my-heart Tabitha, our sweet Elden, our dear Bobby, little Kacey who is always asking for her mama, and so many others who have been featured on The Chronicles.  I will never forget.

Earlier this week, I read a post from a fellow blogger that rocked me to my core.  Another little child was removed from the adoption ministry.  Removed not because a family was coming for her, but rather because she passed away. . . alone . . . at age 11.

I could never express my thoughts, my feelings, or my despair as well as Shelley over at Only1Mom.  Please, I beg of you, to read her post and know why myself and so many others spend so much time on our knees praying, time at the computer blogging, and time opening our checkbooks for children that we may never meet.

Lynette / Tsveti

Lynette is not the only. . . we have lost Warner, Landon, and Dante who had been featured on my Forget Me Not Friday posts.  These sweet little angels lost along with many others.  In Loving Memory.  Dance with the angels dear children and play with fearless abandon for you are now free from pain, free from the constraints of a crib, and free to feel so much love.  

Forget-Me-Not Friday is a blog host sponsored by Jane at Flight Platform Living with the goal of bringing about awareness of orphans with special needs in Eastern Europe.

Still waiting to see me with purple hair?  Have no fear.  We are slowly raising the funds and there is still a chance to donate to Bobby's fund and to the Orphanage 50 addition.  Once we reach our goal, I shall be whipping out the Manic Panic hair dye.


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