Stevens-Johnson Syndrome and a Prayer Request

I had blog posts lined up for this week and yet, I just cannot bring myself to publish them yet.  They were set up to be witty.  They had beautiful pictures of my dear Ellie.  Yet, how can I possibly post something with such levity when my heart is so heavy?  When my dear friend's little boy is suffering so?

If you are friends with me on Facebook, you know exactly who and what I am speaking of.  Dear, sweet, little K, just a few months older than my Ellie, is very very ill.  In less than 48 hours, he went from sporting beautiful porcelain skin free of any blemishes to blistering, red skin that was/is sloughing off.  You see, K-Bear was on an antibiotic for a draining ear infection and he had a severe, allergic reaction.  A reaction that is called Stevens-Johnson Syndrome.

Never heard of it?  Well, most people haven't because it is rare.  Just because something is rare doesn't mean it cannot happen to you or to a love one.  My friend J has asked all of us to tell K's story for she wants everyone to be aware that this can happen to ANYONE and that it can be the result of ANY medication--motrin, Sulfa antibiotics, anti-seizure medications, etc.  It is rapid.  It is scary.  It is a dermatological emergency.  At the request of J, educate yourselves and proceed with great caution before you reach for any medication you have never taken before.

For K's full story and for updates, you can visit his CaringBridge site--please email me if you would like the address to this site.

If you so choose to view the photos, you can see the rapid progression of this scary illness.  Your heart will ache.  These photos have been rapidly circulating FB.  People who do not even know my friend are rallying in prayer.  Please, sign their guest book and let them know that you are thinking of them in this time of need.

Please pray for this sweet boy and for my dear friend, the family, and the medical team.  I cannot even imagine the fear that they are experiencing.

As you can see, how could I possibly blog about anything else today?

For all updates, please refer to the CaringBridge website I listed above.


  1. The photos have been breaking my heart on FB this week. Terribly difficult to look at, but so important to know about. Poor little guy - I'm so glad they've got a diagnosis and a treatment plan, though. Glad you've educated people about this awful, serious condition today.

  2. My sister posted this on Facebook yesterday. It is an awful thing for anyone to go through! Our Grandmother had it a few years ago. I remember how terrible it was for her! Praying for that sweet kiddo!

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