Friday, June 22, 2012

Not Exactly How I Envisioned It

The Bear has been craving some serious sensory stimuli lately and I had this idea.  Actually, it wasn't my idea.  It was a brilliant idea that I conveniently stole from Elissa.  I bought a little kiddie pool and filled it with those plastic balls.  My thought was that it would:

1. Help Ellie with sensory integration
2. Be a lot of fun
3. Occupy Ellie so that my house does not turn into a disaster zone, again.

It started off perfectly.

I actually have no idea what is going on in this next picture.  Embarrassed to be caught on camera in this pink ugly thing?  Suffication by plastic balls?  Getting high off of the plastic toxins?  Or, wait, an actual nap?!

As with most ideas when toddlers are involved, this one didn't exactly go as planned.  First off, I am now the proud owner of this ugly, pink monstrosity.  Seriously, Bear, we had to get the pink princess pool?

I am also the owner of 150 plastic balls.  WHAT was I thinking?!?!?!  One-hundred and fifty.  Balls.  In my house.  There are balls bouncing and rolling across the floor and under furniture.  My cats are having a field day.   Remind me again why I thought this was a good idea?

Eh, at least she is playing rather than running around like a wild banshee.  I suppose it could have been worse.  I could have bought the 400 ball package.



  1. Ha! No way, no how would I have all those balls floating around my house. Sammi was at someone's house who had a little ball pit, and all she did, the whole time we were near it, was dump the darn thing over so the balls went everywhere. Maybe she'll get used to it, and start to enjoy playing with it as it was meanto to be played with...?

  2. It's so funny since I knew exactly where this was going... yet still I ask myself how many times I've thought about doing the same thing. I guess that's why big ball pits have net walls!

  3. Well, I just decided against such an activity :)

  4. Ha ha! We have a ball pit in our house, and Levi is like a little sheep herder, only he herds balls. He gathers a group of them together and transports them to different areas of the house. It is quite entertaining but doesn't make up for tripping over these stupid balls and finding them behind the toilet.

  5. My sister bought the bear cub 300 balls for her first birthday. We have an open design downstairs and we screwed the baby gates into the wall about four inches off the floor to have the extra height (mostly for the puppies) and those balls fly right under it and they end up in my studio, the kitchen, the laundry room, and even outside sometimes.

  6. Thank you for reminding me why I keep bypassing the idea of getting one of these for our home. He enjoys the ballpit at PT so much that I often think of getting one... and then I remember how many other toys are under my couch.

  7. We don't have a ball pit, but do have a couple of ball-popper toys for babies, and about a gazillion little footballs, basketballs, baseballs, soccer balls, bouncy balls, etc. etc. etc.

    Also, I have a 3-tiered basket that sits on the floor in my dining room, full of fake fruit. Landon thinks these are balls, and that they belong under our large ottoman. I am forever digging plastic lemons and limes out from under there.

    I love how Ellie has turned the flipped over pool into her own personal playground :)

  8. While I like the *idea* of a ball pit, there is no way I could have all those little balls all over the house. We are cluttered enough as it is!


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