Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Aspiring to be a model

Do you see her?  Little Miss Princess Bear posing for the camera!?  Apparently, the diva thinks she is a little model.  However, I am staring at my little baby and wondering when she got so big?

As I am sure you have noticed over the past few months year that Ellie Bear refuses to look at the camera.  She spies me with the Sony SLR draped around my neck and thinks "I must look down!  I cannot make eye contact.".  So why does she look so happy and why is she gazing lovingly into the lens of my camera?  One word: Daddy.  Yes, Andrew is standing behind me and the Chunky Chicken will do anything to please her Daddy.  Andrew, from now on you must participate in all of my impromptu (and planned) photo shoots!

Yes, you guess it, she is looking at her Daddy.  Cheeky little thing!



  1. Love her pose in that first picture! Gosh, she looks so grown up...so adorable!

  2. Oh she looks soo grown up!!! Little diva! :)

  3. I MISS MY LITTLE GIRL!!! sending love to everyone from Colorado :)

  4. That looking down thing? Ugh - Sammi started doing it all the time in the last couple of years, too. She'll smile and say "Cheese!" while looking to her left or to her right, never looking right at the camera. Drives. Me. Nuts. I don't get it. But Ellie is still sooooooo beautiful, whether she's looking at the camera or not!! :-)


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