Monday, June 18, 2012

Seriously, where does she get it?

I am positive that I was never this naughty as a child.  In fact, I am relatively certain that a halo hung above my head and the angels sang a beautiful chorus all through my toddler, school age, and teenage years.

So, where does my little Bearity Bear get these ideas?  Sophie's water bowl is her new splash table.

Well, at least she cleans up after herself.

Or not.

So true.  

I am blaming Andrew for all of Ellie's escapades because she certainly didn't get any of this from me :-)



  1. According to Dad, the apple does not fall far from the tree:-P

  2. Cute! Love seeing her explore her world. We were never brave enough to let Sammi do stuff like that. Maybe that's why she's such a chicken! LOL

  3. Too funny! Levi's new favorite toy is the trash can!

  4. Climbing and water. Two of Claire's favorite things! Claire loves to make messes just so that she can "clean" them up.

  5. That is funny! My kids do not nap. At the same time anyway, if they do. My housework is just not happening anymore.


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