When did this happen and Preschool

*This is the post I intended to write on Tuesday before our little meningitis scare.  Ellie Bear has returned to her usually spunky self and has been fever-free for well over 36 hours.  What a relief!*

Many times, I still look at Ellie and see her as:

Yet today, my eyes must deceive me!  For surely my baby is not possibly old enough for *gasp* preschool?!  To wear a backpack?  To have a school lunch?  To be anywhere without her mama bear?

Well somebody doesn't want to wear her backpack.  
The backpack that she insisted on me purchasing.

Let me just unpack this thing.  What?!  No chocolate???

My Ellie Bear is a big girl headed off an grand adventure full of paint, sensory tables, puzzles, friends, and teachers.  Today is her first day of preschool.  (Yes, I found a school that meets during the summer.)  Bear is in the 18-35 month-old class and will attend until September when she turns 3 years-old and enters "big kid" school.   Andrew and I hope that this twice-a-week, educational environment full of children her age will help prepare her for what is to come this Fall.  We hope that she will learn to play with other children, continue to progress in communication, and will hopefully learn to follow directions from other care providers.  Something tells me that Ellie is going to love preschool.  I am so proud and yet a little teary-eyed.

I mean, come on, she still seems like this:

She is clearly thrilled to be embarking on this preschool adventure.

Do you think my daisy dukes break the dress code?

Let's just see what is in here. . . what?  You can see my diaper?

Ellie did okay at drop off.  She has been rather clingy over the past few days and I believe it is do to some of the invasive procedures she had on Tuesday.  After a few kind, encouraging words, The Bear climbed into the arms of Miss Tiffany.  I think she is going to do just fine.  Now, let us hope that she doesn't get kicked out for all of her little antics!



  1. Congratulations to Ellie (and Mama Bear) on the big milestone!! She looks absolutely adorable. I'm impressed that you found a school that meets over the summer and (if it's where I think it is) located right next to a coffee house.

  2. What a big step! Congrats on getting there to you both. Can't wait to hear how it goes!

  3. Michele--the coffee house JUST closed!!!! It is now a Taco Shack. Here I was thinking that I could grab a quick coffee. Oh boo.

  4. Oh my, I love the backpack and her outfit. Too sweet!!! The baby picture of her laying down is so very very cute. What a cutie pie!


  5. She is so cute! I see all my children as little babies! Hope she has a good day. Your meningitis scare terrified me...my mom passed away from it many years ago. I'm always worried that I'll miss the symptoms in the kids. I'm so happy that she is better!

  6. I hope Miss Ellie had a good day at school!!!


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