There is one fundraiser that I would like to write about today.  As always, this fundraiser shares one goal--to help orphans in Eastern Europe.  These children spend their days in orphanages because they are deemed "less than worthy" or "unlovable".  Around the ages of 5 and 6, they are transferred to mental institutions.  This is unacceptable and unfathomable, but it does indeed happen.  Fortunately, many people, many who are my friends are working hard to save these children from the horrors of mental institutions.

Today's featured family is the Kehm family.   You might remember Peter from the Pure Love Give Away.  Did you know that Peter is going to have another brother?  One from Eastern Europe?  The Kehm family is not only rescuing Peter, but also Ty!  It is only a few thousand more dollars to save another orphan, but that is a couple thousand that the Kehm family does not have.  My dear friend Christie is a new Scentsy rep and is donating a portion of the proceeds towards Ty's adoption.  This is just in time for all of your Holiday shopping.  Just think, purchase a few Holiday gifts for family and friends AND you help unite an orphan with his forever family!


To see the details, click Scentsy-We Make Perfect Sense.
To donate directly for Ty & Peter, click here.