Thankful for Spoon Feeding

Ellie Bear has come a long way in the realm of self feeding.  I wrote about some fine motor exercises here that discuss how to perfect the scoop and the flick of the wrist.  It also helps to use sticky foods.

Good foods for spoon feeding:

Oatmeal (good thing we do not have that oat allergy anymore)

Soy Yogurt + Rice Cereal = Sticky Food
I like to mix in infant rice cereal to the yogurt and applesauce to make it super sticky.  I also use the Munchkin suction cup bowls so that Ellie doesn't have to worry about the bowl slip sliding around the highchair tray.

Not even a few months ago we had this:
She is giving herself a facial and satin hands

And we had:

What do you mean the spoon goes in my mouth?

Now we have:

Verses this:

I have to make sure I got it all.
Okay there isn't much difference.  

Now days Ellie can pretty much spoon feed herself with minimal assistance.  She can still be a little messy at times, but nothing like before.  Most of the mess occurs if she puts the empty bowl on her head, which happens too frequently in my opinion. 

If you notice, Ellie has figured out that if she leans forward towards the bowl, she has a lot less distance to cover in getting the loaded spoon into her mouth.

Stop taking my picture, Mom!
I mean it!  This is SO embarrassing!

All done.

Do you see how CLEAN she is?  Do you?  Do you?  Look at that Super Bear!



  1. I'm sure there was more to that screaming than just camera shyness;-P But I was impressed with her cleanliness.

  2. That IS clean! Back when my kids were little, I would sometimes sprinkle a layer of Rice Krispies on top of the sticky food (usually the yogurt). It would stick to the yogurt which stuck to the spoon and added a crunchiness to the mush.

  3. Those sticky foods are our spoon feeding staples! Claire's getting better. If she would change her grip, she'd be golden. But offering advice to little miss can get you yelled at pretty quickly. :)


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