Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thankful Thursday: Even the Smallest of Things

I really need to be more consistent about my Thankful Thursdays because I find that they are really helpful in getting through a day like today. . .

Today I am thankful for:


Yes, I know I should say how I am thankful for my hot, sexy, helpful husband with the perfectly formed buttocks, but today I am going with caffeine.  Not that I am not thankful for Andrew.  Or Ellie.  Or my family and friends.  Because I am!  When you have a day that starts off like today, it is the caffeine that helps hold you together.

I pride myself on being on-time.  Goodness, I am usually early.  I leave the house to allow time to replace Ellie's shoes and socks upon reaching our destination.  Oh and throw on her weighted backpack for sensory input (this prevents her from running around buildings like a wild banshee.  In theory.)  I did not however plan for my dog not doing her business this morning.  Here I am standing outside waiting for the princess puppy to do her royal business before heading off to speech therapy.  It is cold and I am not wearing my jacket.  The Sophie Dog must know I am running behind and that my hands are turning purple because she decides to inspect every square inch of our backyard as though each and every single leaf is new to her.  Do you think the Princess Puppy Paws did what she needed to do?  Nope.  Thankfully, she did not complete her business in the house while we were gone.  

Of course during the puppy dog's escapade, Ellie Bear did some business of her own.  Complete with a spit-up.  Already delayed, I am now in the process of a full-blown clothing and diaper change and wrestling a toddler all while trying to get ahold of the speech therapy place to say we are going to be late.  I was going to be late.  Late.  We are never late.  Grrr.  Finally, Chunky Chicken is dressed, in her jacket, in the car.  I get halfway down the street and discovered that someone was not quite done refluxing.  Miss Spits-A-Lot managed to get her spit up past her bib (yes, she wears a big in the car for this very reason) and all over her jacket and outfit #2. Apparently I need to start carrying around spare jackets. Pulling over, I take a big chug of my delicious Southern Pecan coffee and sigh.  I have my coffee.   I can make it through the day.  Or at least through the morning.

Which brings me to the second thing I am thankful for:


Precious baby toddler naps and mama bear naps.  Sometimes, you just have to set aside that housework (yeah, like that ever gets done), bill paying, cookie baking and climb into bed for a little slumber.  Do not forget the fuzzy socks.  Nothing like snuggly blankets and fuzzy socks to help in the napping process.  Glorious!

I would also like to say that I am thankful for snack-traps, but today I learned they can be rather messy when a frisky toddler removes the lid and dumps food items everywhere.  Everywhere being the car.  How is it that I can have a hard time getting the lid on and off, but little Miss Stinker Pants can just pluck it right off? So no thank-you snack traps.



  1. Ellie Bellie Bear just might be too cute for words! I hate snack traps too, they don't work for the younger ones!! Hope the day turned around for you!!!


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