Saturday, November 19, 2011

Little Triumphs, Big Celebrations

You know what I love?  I love how tasks that seem so tiny, small, and insignificant to typical developing children call for great, huge celebrations when Ellie accomplishes these tasks.  For Ellie, the small, seemingly unimportant things are actually huge mountains of achievement and that calls for a big happy dance.

Did somebody say "dance"?

Everyone knows just how worried I am out The Bear's speechlessness.   Her lack of communication.  Her poor motor planning for signing.  Well, I am still worried, BUT we experienced several tiny triumphs (aka HUGE milestones) in speech therapy this past Thursday.

It's Super Bear!

It all started with this old Fisher Price car ramp.  It comes with 3 cars of different colors.  My Chunky Chicken signed "car".  REPEATEDLY.  As in more than once.  As in with consistency.  As in with purpose.  As in without prompting.   HUGE!

Mama seems pretty excited so I will paste on my big happy smile.  Check out all of my teeth.

Are you ready for the next bit?  Ellie Bear tried to sign "blue", "orange", and "green".  Now mind you these clumsy hand movements didn't really look like the signs, but it was a definite attempt at signing.  This little game of colored cars proved that Ellie does indeed know her colors (okay, I suspected this already, but now there is proof with signs!!!!).

Yep, the blankie is still around being loved to the point of destruction.  

Our speech pathologist K and I both noticed that Ellie Bear-Bear demonstrated increased attention to a task.  She worked hard to get puzzle pieces into their correct spaces.  Stubborn Little Miss stuck with it rather than wondering off to climb furniture.  Not only that, when quizzed, she knew which shape was a pentagon.  For real!  A pentagon.

Perhaps I will be a mathematician and specialize in geometry.  Pentagons to be exact!

So while all of these tasks may seem tiny in the whole scheme of things to those with typically developing two-year-olds, these are all amazing feats for my daughter.   You have one proud Mama Bear over here doing a great big cheering happy dance.  Super Bear!

Sorry about all of the caps and exclamation points.  I am just SO PROUD and EXCITED :)



  1. Congrats Anna and Ellie! What wonderful accomplishments this week! So proud of you all for all of the hard work. :-)

  2. Woohooo!!!! You have a lot to be proud of Mama. Good work Ellie!!

  3. YAY!!! Thats soo exciting!! I love that first picture of her..soo cute!!

  4. What a thrill! So happy she's showing you just what she can do. It's so hard to have patience. I've learned that about myself already. No matter how much I reiterate that, it's easier said than done. But SO proud of little Ellie!

  5. That is so awesome! I was just talking with friends about just this topic. It may take these little ones longer to get there but when they out.

  6. Yay!!!! Celebrate! You can type the entire post in all caps...I'd probably shout it off the rooftops :-)

  7. All the engineers, computer scientists, NPs and physicists in our family welcome the next one:-)

  8. So exciting!!!! Great job, Ellie! You have every right to be super-proud of your beautiful girl!!!

  9. I love! Exclaimation marks! Love! They are fun! And happy! And spell: YAY!!! I'm so happy for you and Ellie Bellie :)


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