Saturday, November 26, 2011

The First Haircut

There is just something so bittersweet about a baby's (okay, a toddler's) first haircut.  Maybe it is the fact that that baby hair from birth is snipped away to the floor.  Or maybe it is because my daughter is old enough to have a haircut in general.

Ellie's hair was/is ridiculously long.  When she was born, she had a full head of hair.  Later she looked like a Muppet with wild, crazy wisps.  Two years flew by and her baby fine hair grew to be halfway down her back.  While not a bad thing, it made washing and combing rather difficult given The Bear's sensory issues.

Muppet Baby: notice her ever sparkling personality already shining through at 4 months

While ordinarily I planned to cut her hair myself, I realized that Ellie is one strong Houdini and thus opted to pay someone the pleasure of hacking off The Bear's locks.  Good thing I did because Ellie is a feisty little thing who loathes anyone touching her head, face, and hair.  I would have accidentally gouged her eye out with the comb or scissors.

Three inches chopped off and she still has longish hair.

Goldilocks: Before



  1. She looks adorable with her shorter cut!

  2. It's a great cut and I'm glad no one is to traumatized.

  3. Ahhh!!!! She looks so cute!! I cute Avery's hair short at the beginning of school and love it!! So much easier to work with...

  4. oh she looks adorable!

    anna a little something going on over at the flight platform that you will be interested in!see this weeks sharing sunday post! love yaxxxxxxxx


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