Thursday, November 3, 2011

Forget Me Not Friday: Sophia and Angel Orphans

As many of you know, every Friday several of us Reece's Rainbow Warriors come together in a blog hop dedicated to bringing about awareness of orphans with special needs in Eastern Europe.  For those of you who are new and wonder what exactly I am talking about, you can view the video here.  Please have your tissues handy.  Also, there is some exciting news over on Flight Platform Living!

I usually talk about children who do not have families yet.  Children who are waiting and spending their days in either orphanages or institutions.  Children who were given up by their biological parents because they are unable to care for them or mostly because society deems them "unworthy" or "unloveable". I will do that, but I also want to talk about one child who has a mama coming for her.  Sophia.

Sophia's forever mama, Megan and I are cyber buddies (she is also a frequent member of our Forget Me Not Friday blog hop) and she is fighting hard to raise the funds necessary to bring little Sophia home from Eastern Europe.  She cannot do this alone and needs our help.  As I always say and definitely know, funds are tight for all of us.  These times are trying.  So, if you have even $1, that would help tremendously.  I have 125 followers to date.  If each person were to donate just $1, which is less than a cup of coffee, little Sophia would have $125 in her fund!  What a difference $1 can make!  If you are unable to donate, please, I beg of you, spread the word.  From the Reece's Rainbow website:

SOPHIA for the Meier family–Norco, CA

Megan is single and has  always wanted to be a mom.   She has a mentally disabled sister (not DS) and has always had a special place in her heart for special needs children.   This year she discovered RR from a friend's blog and after looking at all the beautiful children in need of a family she found Sophia C. who stole her heart. After praying for direction she knew now was the time to act.   It was time to adopt! Sophia is two and Megan knows Sophia will just blossom in a family of her own. 
Your financial support and prayers are truly appreciated.  God bless  you and your family! 
Follow the Meier family's adoption journey on their blog

These children still need families:







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  1. Thanks for highlighting Sophia and Megan...Megan and I are cyber-buddies turned real life buddies cause we live close together and I'm working hard with her to get Sophia home to play with Reagan! I always get so excited when I see her pop on on other's blogs :)


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