Friday, November 25, 2011

Angel Tree: Tabitha & Pure Love Give Away

So many times a day, this sweet face flitters through my mind.


My heart then hurts so bad.  It hurts because I still feel like her mama and yet, I cannot possibly be her forever family.  It hurts because she is still not on the My-Family-Found-Me page.  I wonder, in earnest, where is her forever family?  How can others not see what I see?  How can she be left in an orphanage with each day bringing her closer and closer to a life in a mental institution?  To a life a living in a crib with tiny bits of food and poor medical care.  To a life without love and a family.

I love Tabitha so and yet, I have no idea how to go about finding her a family.  What to do?  Maybe you can help me?  Please?  Awareness is key so I am begging all of you to get the word out.  Share this post on Facebook or Twitter.  Post her picture because then maybe, someone, her forever family, will see her and KNOW that she is theirs.

Tabitha is one of many children featured on Reece's Rainbow Angel Tree.  The purpose of the Angel Tree is to raise $1,000 for that child's adoption grant.  For a $35 donation, you will receive an ornament with the child's name on it.  You can also give ornaments as gifts or you can just donate.  To learn more about the Angel Tree or see some of the children that also need homes, please visit here.

Finally, there is another Pure Love Give Away going on over at Patti's A Perfect Lily.  A bunch of us with a love for helping orphans unite with there forever families have donated some really cool prizes so head on over and learn about Ty (I wrote about this lovie last week) and Robyn.  Ty's family still needs $4,000 and they just received their travel date of Dec. 3rd.  Robyn is still in need of a family.



  1. this particular little girl tugs at my heart immensely also :(

    thank you for advocating for her!

  2. I'm one of your new followers! :-) (My daughter, Sarah, emailed you.) Anyway, Tabitha has a very special place in my heart too. She looks like she could be the twin - separated at birth - of the little guy (Jonathan) we just adopted in July from Ukraine. My bio 2 yo dd saw her photo and even thought it was Jonathan! LOL

    Thank you so much for advocating and donating to her fund. Hopefully her family will find her soon!

  3. Hi Jill! You daughter, Sarah, was so kind to send me new photos of Tabitha :) I hope that she has a family soon. She weighs so heavily on my heart.


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