Sunday, December 30, 2012

Welcoming 2013

Andrew, Ellie, and I would like to wish all of you a very happy and safe new year.  The year of 2012 has been kind to us.  Like so many others, we faced many trials and challenges.  There was heartache when my father lost his best friend.  Even more heartache when my father's sister, my aunt Peggy passed away.  A lot of interesting, jumbled up words flowing out of my mouth after my car accident in October.  Yet, we had many celebrations.  We have made many new friends and practically moved into  a Quizno's Sandwiches shop.  Ellie only had one surgery this year-ear tubes.  My husband traveled to Spain for work and did some other important things that I do not understand in the tech-world.  Andrew also destroyed the bathroom. . . and then mostly put it back together.  Ellie has grown leaps and bounds--both physically (The Chunky Chicken is back! and developmentally [pointing, sight reading, communicating beyond the scream]). Ellie also started school this year and she LOVES it! I am continuing to eat bon-bons all day.  Most of importantly, I have my Andrew and my Ellie.

Rather than continue on and one with my list, I compiled a video with photos taken throughout the year.  It is short.  Yes, I am serious when I say it is short. Yes, I know that I take a lot of photos.  Yes, I know that I haven't posted about Christmas.  Do not worry, there will be a Christmas post soon along with a few posts of substance in them.

Because this is my first foray into the video creating word, I am going to share the link with you as well.  At least, I think this is the link Happy New Year 2012


  1. Loved following the adventures of your bear this year, and look forward to seeing what next year brings for you guys!!

  2. She is beautiful. I loved the video.

  3. Happy New Year! What a great video! Ellie is a beautiful little girl! I love all the girly clothes you put her in.

  4. Happy New Year!!!! Love the video ~ great idea!!! My favorite picture is Ellie eating the pink frosting cake!


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