Thursday, December 6, 2012

Dear Santa. . .Love Ellie

Dear Santa,

Mama says that I am supposed to make a list of things that I want for Christmas because I have been a "moderately good little Bear".  I don't know about this moderate stuff because I have been very good.

See? This is the face of a good girl.

I put my feet back on the floor after Mama tells me not to touch the TV.

I kept the sand in the sandbox.  Eating the sand isn't bad.  It is a sensory experience.

I sign "please" when I want donuts or cupcakes.

I play gently with Sophie dog.

I also pee in the bathtub to save Mama a diaper change AND I let her put a bow in my hair for these lovely photos.

Please remember that with most insurance policies, the first car accident is "forgiven".

See, I am a good Bearity Bear!

Santa, here is my Christmas list:

Maybe get Mama a donut too.  She has been saying that she needs chocolate!



  1. I hope you get all you want, beautiful Bear!!!

  2. I suspect she'll be spoiled rotten with that adorable little face! How could you say no?

  3. Love! Hope Santa is good to both of you this year! Ellie just gets more beautiful every day!

  4. Sweet Ellie, I'm sure your mommy thought "moderately good" meant excellently well behaved :) Why else would she have said it?! Hehe. I bet Santa thinks adorableness counts for extra "good behavior" points anyway.
    Merry Christmas Ellie and Anna!

  5. give her everything santa and Mummy she's good too! x


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