Monday, December 10, 2012

The Chewy

Sometimes one chewy just isn't enough.

Sometimes a girl has to accessorize.

Sometimes it is important to share your chewies by shoving one (or two!) of them into the mouth of your doctor and then stealing her stethoscope to listen to your own heart beat.

In case you want to be cool like Ellie and have a chewy of your own, visit here.

In case you want to know more about chewelry, visit here.


  1. That's quite the fashion statement :-)

  2. Stella would gladly have one of those! She chews on everything! I am hoping she likes the chew toys I bought her for Christmas. Her books are getting tired of being chewed to pieces.

  3. those are fabulous, anna she is really so beautiful x

  4. Those are great! I think I need to go back through your blog and look at the Sensory stuff. We have recently discovered that Madi is having sensory issues. She mouths EVERYTHING! We always thought it was teething or just a stage, but now it looks like it is turning into a little more than that. We have started attaching chewy tubes to her clothes to help her. I looked back at your May blog post about chewy tubes.....I need to look into getting some of those! Thanks so much for posting about all this stuff!


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