Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Friends Don't Count Chromosomes

I have a blog post that I have been working on and working on and working on.  I am having great difficulty getting my thoughts to come across coherently and I apologize.  Ellie has made many friends such as dear Jack and our mother's club buddies.  Friends who see past the her differences such as the chewing on everything or the fact she doesn't verbalize.  Yet there are those little girls who say horrid things such as "Elwie, I don't want to play with you because you chew on my toys."  Or "Elwie, go over there!"  Or how about the "Creepy Baby" incident?  One day, hopefully soon, I shall publish my brewing post.

The moral behind my unpublished, jumbled post is:

Friends Don't Count Chromosomes

Being a parent is difficult.  What do I say to my little girl once she realizes that she is not accepted into a circle of friends?  I am thinking that I need to figure this out soon!  Yet, being a parent is so rewarding and I cannot imagine my life without my little girl who happens to sport some designer genes.  I hope to get this post in order soon.  I hope share with you that my Ellie Bellie Bear has a best friend at preschool.  A charming friend who asks "Where is Ellie?  She is my best friend ever." and her mother who looks past Ellie's Trisomy 21 and SPD and says "when can we meet up for a playdate?"  A mother who by offering to host a playdate is teaching her daughter and her older brother that being different is okay.  That friends do indeed do not count chromosomes.

Stay sassy, my sweet Ellie.  You are rockin' and others will indeed appreciate that!

Now, if I can just my act together and get my post up about friendship!


  1. It's so hard to put complicated thoughts into words. I look forward to that post. I kept thinking about Ben's future friendships tonight while I was at church. So many moms came up to love on Ben (which is great!) but I wonder how their children will feel about him as everybody gets older. I hope Ellie finds a wonderful best friend at preschool.

  2. Cooper is starting Kindergarten in 5 short days and I am worrying about the same kinds of things. Are his classmates going to accept him (like they did in preschool)? Should I explain Ds and Crohn's, or let it be. Is he going to be invited to parties and included on the playground? Makes my heart just ache to think he could be ignored or teased. :(

  3. I am looking forward to your post.....I often worry about these same things. And I worry about what to say to Taylor when her "friends" make icky comments to her about her sister.

    Love that Ellie has a true friend that sees all of her wonderful qualities!!


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