Sunday, August 19, 2012

Food Wars: Ellie vs. Sophie Dog

Thirty paper towels.  A mountain of sponges and scouring pads.  A pile of soiled washcloths, dish towels, and clothing.  Food flung across the room.  Sour cream dripping off of tables.  Mashed cracker crumbs ground into the floor.  Sticky peanut butter welded onto the walls.  Water. Every. Where.  Mealtime is never dull in the Theurer household.  Welcome to the first ever

Toddler Vs. Canine Food Wars.

Meet your contestants:

Ellie aka The Chunky Chicken is a rambunctious toddler who enjoys playing with her baby doll, building block towers, and creating a ruckus.  Heavily processed, unhealthy cheese crackers and sour cream are currently the only two food items she will consume.

Sophie aka Princess Puppy Paws is a hyperactive border collie who enjoys playing fetch with her red, rubber bone and lives for eating kibble, heartworm pills, and peanut butter.  Her water bowl is never empty, but is it typically out of her reach during the daylight hours due to a maundering toddler.

Round 1:  The Cracker Games

Whoa!  Check out that tongue action!  (I am sorry, I just couldn't help myself!)

The point goes to . . . Sophie Dog!


Round 2: Water Tampering

I vant to suck your blood!  Yes, she is eating sour cream, from a bowl, with a  spoon.

Sometimes it is important to change up your eating utensils and serving dishes.  In fact, dumping your food into the dog's water bowl and using a spoon to eat slurp your food is both posh and the picture of etiquette.  Oh and I forgot mention, be sure to do this half dressed because you don't to sully your dress.

The point goes to . . . Ellie Bellie Bear!


Ellie 1
Sophie 1

It looks like we need a tie breaker!

Up next, the Challenger---Amelie Kitty Cat of the Kitty Kat Kitties.  She has 4 teeth and the propensity to torment small feathered creatures.  She roams suburbia like the Queen of Sheba and enjoys stealing turkey off people's plate.  She is, Amelie.

Doesn't she look vicious?

*I have updated my post on Wayne Brady & Jim Roddey, Shame On You as the comedian has since issued an apology. *



  1. Too funny!!! Adam also likes sour cream from bowl with a spoon. Thanks for making us feel less weird. LOL!

  2. In the first two pics I love how both Ellie and Sophie have their heads tilted in the poses.

  3. What a HOOT! our J is 18...and oh my goodness, you have brought back many happy (strange...wonderful...'oh my goodness' moments from times gone by...wait, there are STILL those wonderful things happening! :) thank you!!!

  4. Oh my word..that is hilarious!!!!!


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