Wednesday, January 2, 2013

What is this?

La la la.  I love to sweep.  I am a big girl.  Sweep sweep sweep.


Oooh, what is this?

Hmmm, perhaps I should push on it.

Beep beep beep.

Oh, I know!  It is my "buh-bo-bah"!!!!

Oh Mama Mama!  Mama mama ma!  Let me see if you have a buh-bo-bah.

You have all officially been forewarned.  The Bear is obsessed with belly buttons and so if you happen to pop on by our house and get accosted by a shirt-lifting toddler you now know why. Plus, I am totally counting "buh bo bah" as a three-syllable word.  Rock on, my Ellie Bear!


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