Monday, April 16, 2012


Happy Monday!  Occasionally the antics of my little Ellie Bear are ridiculously funny and outrageously clever.  Okay, I am perhaps a bit biased, but she is one adorable little cookie.  I thought that would share of a few of her little -isms with you.

-We have been working on "fill-ins" with Ellie.  For instance, if we say "Ready" her response should be
"set go".  Now her set sounds more like Ssssss and her go sounds more like bo, but you get the picture.  On Thursday, we were hanging out in the lab for one of her routine blood draws and the phlebotomist turns to the nurse holding Ellie's arm in a vice grip and says "Ready?".  Ellie fills in with "SSSSSS BO!"  Poor little kid didn't realize she was telling them to stab her with a needle.

-Also on Thursday,  I pulled into the Lowe's parking lot to get Andrew a gift card because I am all about shopping last minute for our anniversary.  Ellie says "dada dada dada".  As we enter the store, she demands to be set down and starts screaming "dada dada dada!".  Take a wild guess where Andrew likes to take Ellie.

-Many of you know just how important Ellie's beloved blankie is to her.  We try to keep it in her crib only, but the little stinker has a really long reach and really skinny arms.  I have found her blankie unexpectedly in the freezer, the dishwasher, and in a hole in the wall.

-The concept of eating out was way beyond Ellie's cognition.  When I say we are going "out to eat", she frantically signs eat while saying Eeee and runs to the high chair.  Apparently, I am a magician because The Bear fully expects food, her preferred food of the day, to appear immediately in front of her for her consumption.  So imagine my surprise when I asked her if she wanted to go to Quizno's, she signs eat and car and did not pitch an epic fit on the way to the eatery.  Mmm mmm mmm toasty!

-An Andrew Antic: many of you have asked when our bathroom will get done after he made that little "dent" in our mold problems. . . I estimate one year, or two.



  1. Love that photo of the gorgeous Ellie Bear! And love how she's putting things together. Awesome!

  2. The little personalities of two year adorable. "EEEEE" "SSSS BO!"

  3. I should know this, when does Ellie turn three?

  4. Thanks for the smiles today. I totally needed that!

  5. Hey! I wonder why Ellie whispers "dada" and "pawpaw"?? Too cute:-)


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