Saturday, April 14, 2012

5 Over 10,000: Forget Me Not Friday

My friend, S, has such a tender heart for the orphans on Reece's Rainbow.  It was S who brought sweet Elden and then little Malcom to my attention.  These boys weigh so heavily on her (and my) heart.  S recently sent me an email about an observation of hers. . . you see, there are several boys listed on RR around the age of 5 with huge grants.  Grants around or above the $10,000 mark.  By now, we know that some of the children with larger grants are more likely to be adopted because, frankly, adoption costs a small ransom.  Adoption is expensive.  Adoption is not for the weak of heart.  Yet, the path to adoption can be smoothed by rescuing a child with a large grant.

These boys are all 5 or 6 years-old.  Mental Institution age.  These boys all have large grants.  These boys, however, do not have families coming to rescue them.

The purpose of this post is to spread the word that these boys are on borrowed time and still need families.

Sara (who is adopting Martin), from Foxberry Farm Almanac wrote a beautiful blog post about these sweet boys hoping to bring about awareness and hopefully to find them families.  Please, spread the word!



Preston (2H)

Alexander (2H)

Sergei (9HA)

Yegor B. 

Nicky Z. 


This precious beauty has near $24,000 in her grant!

Forget-Me-Not Friday is a blog host sponsored by Jane at Flight Platform Living with the goal of bringing about awareness of orphans with special needs in Eastern Europe.   To learn more about why this is such a cause close to my heart, please click here.


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  1. They are ALL SO precious!! I will go read. My family has been praying about Brent for a while now. I will begin to pray for each one of these kiddos. I wish I could go adopt them ALL!!! Thank you for posting Anna.


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