Disaster House

Ellie and I made it safely back to Austin today and I had big plans edit all 167 Easter photos and to revel you with a witty post jam-packed with lovely photos of my ever-so-precious & ever-so-spoiled daughter.  However, when I walked into the door after getting up at 4:00am to drag a protesting toddler halfway across the country, I was welcomed to this:

And this:

It was all, mostly, somewhat, a little bit created by Andrew.  However, I was also greeted by this:

Oh yes, my friends.  New carpet!  Freshly scraped and painted ceilings!   A new ceiling fan!

The house looks fabulous and I am so grateful for Andrew spending his time away from us wisely (aka doing his highly technical day job and then moving all of our crap furniture and belongings to safer locations).

Thankfully, Andrew moved our dresser back to its rightful location.

Now I can enjoy lots of dust, plaster, carpet fibers, and paint fumes!

As for this, I am not sure what happened here.  Andrew mentioned making a "dent" in our bathroom mold problem.  Me thinks he got a bit over zealous with the sledge hammer.

Until I can get the house functional again (which will hopefully be soon!), I shall leave you all with a little sneak peek of little Miss Ellie Bear.

A special thank you to my father who captured this hilarious photo of Ellie.



  1. So, um, what would a "big dent" have looked like?

  2. I know, right! I bet a big dent would have included the tub, toilet and floor. Hey, at least the mold is gone :) It might be a full year before the bathroom is functioning though.

  3. Oh wow! I feel for you! I hated when we were having to deal with water in our living room, causing us to have to do the whole carpet removal bit- thankfully, we didn't have to pay for any of it since we are renting.

    Being in a home that is more like a "construction zone" can be a big pain!

  4. Wow...I agree...I would hate to see a large dent! Yikes!


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