The Escape Artist

I believe the days of using our pack 'n' play while traveling are over.

While celebrating my mother-in-law's birthday in Plano, TX this weekend, we laid Ellie down for a nap and all was quiet. . . until we heard the door knob jiggle.

The Chunky Chicken "filed" some desk papers, unpacked all of our clothing, relieved the box of its tissues, and removed tubes of toothpaste, Ben Gay, and hydrocortisone from the nightstand.  She also attempted to hack into Andrew's computer, but couldn't beat the password protection. Her building blocks remained untouched. Thinking it was all a fluke (yes, we are that naive), we tried the pack'n'play again at bedtime.  Cheeky little booger hopped right out like it was nothing and clapped for herself.  Cross your fingers that she doesn't try those shenanigans with her crib tonight!



  1. Me thinks someone is about ready for a big girl bed:-)

  2. This post made me laugh! Of course the building blocks were left untouched :) This is GREAT!

  3. Ellie and my Ben are on the same wavelength. Yesterday we put him down for a nap in his crib. About 10 minutes later, while everyone was outside except for me and the baby, I heard running upstairs. Then Ben slip down the stairs and proudly announced "All done with nap!" Time to start putting up the gate at his doorway! The older ones never mastered this skill. Oh, the good old days!

    p.s. hijacked my 12 year old's account to comment.

    Sue H.


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